How to decorate a birthday room with baloons

  • How to decorate a birthday room with baloons

For every person, regardless of age, birthday is a long-awaited event. It is very important that a festive atmosphere is created during the celebration. Various accessories are used to decorate the room, but balloons are always more popular. You can order various balls at


Birthday decoration
There are a huge number of ideas on how to decorate a birthday room with balloons. You can beat them with the entire space of the hall where the celebration will take place, hang the balls on the ceiling, or create from them voluminous figures that will not be left without attention of the birthday man and all guests. To decorate a house with your own hands, you may need:

  1. latex or foil balloons;
  2. helium or a pump;
  3. ribbons with which balls will be tied;
  4. fishing line.

Various design elements should be harmoniously combined with each other, so you need to carefully approach the choice of colors for the balls used. At the entrance to the hall, if there is a celebration of the child’s birthday, figures in the form of cartoon characters look beneficial. For birthday people of age, you can arrange there flowers from balloons to a person’s height.

To decorate the ceiling in the hall, you can make a bright garland of balls. If there is not so much time for decoration, balls inflated with helium, tied with a satin ribbon, which fill the entire space of the ceiling, look no less impressive.

Arches are also in great demand. Balls are attached to them with a fishing line, or for this they use a special frame.

If the child has a birthday, then you can organize a thematic celebration. In this case, all decorations from the balls should correspond to the chosen direction. To do this, you can purchase foil figures of cartoon characters. They are inflated with helium, or "planted" on a stand made of balls.

Children are very fond of surprise balls that are attached to the ceiling. Fill them with small balls, confetti, notes with wishes,

sweets, etc. When the holiday is in full swing, the birthday boy blows up a surprise ball using a special wand at the end of which is a needle. The contents fly apart, giving the sea pleasure to all the children present at the celebration.

Decorating the hall, it is not necessary to be limited only to the walls and ceiling. Balls can decorate various columns, racks, as well as just fill the floor with them. If the celebration will be held in a cafe, it is recommended to designate a dance area. To do this, it is beneficial to use fountains from helium balloons. They can be decorated and a festive table in the hall. So that the fountains do not fly away to the ceiling, a special weight is attached at the bottom, which holds the structure.

To celebrate anniversaries, or children's birthday, as a decoration of the hall, you can use the composition of latex balloons, made in the form of numbers, or already purchased foil tsiferki. They can be installed on a stand made of balls, and also attached to the wall.

Decoration of walls with balls
As decorations for the walls for a birthday, you can use not only the numbers symbolizing the age of the birthday person. For this, inscriptions with congratulations, or the name of the hero of the occasion, are also suitable. Often, they are made of foil balloons, which have a diverse range of colors. 

You can decorate the wall compositionally. Balloons look spectacular. Decoration can be made in the form of a flower meadow, complemented by the sun and clouds. If the birthday boy is a child, you can attach any cartoon character to the wall.

When you need to decorate a large flat wall by making a large inscription on it, or by drawing, it is optimal to use a panel of balls. You can do it in several ways:

garlands are tied one by one;

balls are fixed on a special drywall or plastic base.

Such designs are quite durable and beautiful, so the birthday person and guests will be delighted. How to design a panel, it is necessary to decide, given the overall style of the celebration.

How to decorate with balloons the ceiling for a birthday
The easiest way to decorate the ceiling for your birthday is to inflate the latex balloons with helium, and fill them with the entire ceiling space. If you do not use helium, you can hang balls at different heights. A similar decoration looks very impressive if the room has suspended ceilings.

Recently, clouds of balls have been popular. In order to arrange the ceiling space in this way, it is necessary to take latex balls of different colors and diameters. Such ligaments are often supplemented with foil (for example, stars, hearts), or luminous balls.

To interestingly beat the ceiling with balloons, various garlands are made of them. You can mount them from the center to the edges. You can do this yourself, without resorting to the help of specially trained people:

Find the middle of the ceiling on which to fix the central ball.

From the ball in the center, take the threads to different corners of the room. The main thing is that they be symmetrically arranged and stretched;

Bind the balls to the threads, forming a radiant garland.

Decorating the ceiling space with balls, you can use balls with tails - linkoluns. They are very convenient to connect with each other, so the need for additional threads, lines, will disappear by itself.

Volumetric figures from balloons
The use of three-dimensional figures from balloons as decorations for a room for a birthday is always in demand among both adults and children. You can do anything you want: from the usual bouquet of daisies to a huge basket of balloons with flowers.

Garlands and arches from balloons always look favorably in the design of a birthday. If the child has a holiday, the figures of your favorite cartoon characters, animals will be a win-win option. To emphasize the event, from the balls you can make volumetric figures in the clearing, or inscriptions.

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